How to publish on social networks for real estate

One of the main and final objectives of online real estate marketing is the sale or rental, that is, getting customers with potential purchase intent, but it is necessary to differentiate between social networks for real estate that can be used to achieve this within the same online marketing .

We have always maintained what every professional knows: trying to apply  traditional real estate sales techniques on social networks does not work, it is not a strategy and will not lead to success. But this does not mean that they are not adequate channels to sell, simply, that the techniques to be used are totally different, and the first step is to forget the traditional, in the way we have sold products or services all our lives.

How to spread messages on social networks for real estate

To attract customers with potential from our social networks for Capital Smart City payment plan housing project , we must go through three stages:

  1. Create a community around our brand whose interests are related to our objectives
  2. Grow this community, always maintaining adequate parameters of the type of member we want our brand to surround
  3. Maintain that community through active participation, generating conversations and a higher index of their commitment to the brand.

About points one and two we already talked about in another article of this blog, although we will return to them in the near future more carefully and covering other equally important social networks. Today, however, we are going to focus on the third point to give you some minimum guidelines to follow that we will also try to expand gradually in our Real Estate Marketing section.

In the previous article we talked about the Three Thirds Rule of Twitter for real estate as the simplest and most effective technique of keeping a community of followers attentive to your real estate content and what you have to tell them. Today we will expand them to all social networks and give you some ideas for sale.

Three Thirds Rule applied to the sale in the best social networks for real estate:

  1. Of your daily posts (1 a day on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ and between 5 and 10 daily tweets), a third should be dedicated to sharing information from different leading sources in the sector like House for sale in Islamabad or a plot for sale in Islamabad with their unique features.
  2. A second third of the total of those publications should be dedicated to mentioning clients, sharing their contents, answering their comments or participating in conversations that they have started about your brand.
  3. The third third is the one you will dedicate to the sale.

Up to this third point, what you have achieved is authority and distinction between your community as an important part of the real estate sector. In these publications, which will be a third of what is published in your social networks, you can guide the purchase decisions of your fans and followers, once you have achieved their full confidence.

But beware, this does not mean that you directly publish a home of your listing in social networks for real estate, with a brief description of the property. Play with the images, try to draw the attention of your fans and followers on that product creatively.

Let’s look at an example of a text that could be published on any real estate social network to sell “without selling”, (seen on Twitter):

It is one of the tricks that work best; use a feature of the home to get the attention of the fan or follower, not to mention anything like “flat for sale” or “rent …”