Capital smart city features and pricing plans

The society named capital smart city is a rising star company in real estate market. It has unique and prenominal smart features first time in Pakistan. The capital smart city is fully secured by advanced technologies. its development process there are many heavy machinery is being used as well as fulfilling water for construction work there 4 tube wells have been done on the sights. The society has a right to be in one of the best schemes because of its prime location and beautiful views.


The features of capital smart city are countless but the very important ones are here to be discussed. We are glad to introduce our company’s best project ever. As the sky marketing has also brought some other succeeded projects like a blue world city, park view city. Every project has its own beauty and feature according to its location and pricing plans. The capital smart city has a full secured boundary wall and advanced CCTV cameras. There is a commercial block also for shopping and refreshment. The society has luckily more necessary features like mosques, hospitals, schools, and colleges. The society has a remote control system and it also has its apps for transport, restaurants and its billing of gas, water, and electricity. In the security aspects, we would like to discuss the security of its resident’s life. The capital smart city has underground electricity which is safe for everyone living here. There are lots of parks and zoos for entertainment for children where they can enjoy their spare time also they can play cricket and football on the playing grounds here. The outdoor games are a positive step for being healthy instead of sitting and playing video games the whole day. In this way, children can get addicted to video games and they may have many diseases. Outdoor games can be a source of their mental and physical health. The owner of the capital smart city islamabad which is a very famous name in the real estate market MR. Habib Rafique (Pvt) placed the main and basic point first in the project which is a security of its residents, their health and entertainment including mosques. The society has been divided into blocks which are overseas block, general block. The overseas block has a special value in the whole project because of its first time in Pakistan to introducing such a block for overseas Pakistanis. The construction of this block has also been started first. After university town and ICHS town sky marketing is feeling lucky having this project.

Pricing plans of the capital smart city:

The project was based on the facilities for the residents and profit for the businessmen. The costs of its plots are according to the advanced features. Everybody can resell and get profit. As you think about the facilities are smart then the pricing plan will also be high so it is not true. Its pricing plans are reasonable and affordable to live in a modern and royal styled life. Everyone will love to live here because of its relaxing and peaceful surrounding. The views are so pleasant and attractive here. For 5Marla plot the price is decided is 2,415,000/- for 7 Marla = 3,151,000/-, 10 Marla = 4,140,000/-, 12 Marla = 4,577,000/-, Kanal = 6,210,000/-, and for 2 Kanal = 12,190,000/-.