Owning Racehorse Made Easy

racehorse share

Are you a fan of horse racing, but do not know the procedure that where to start? The financial muscle is to buy a racehorse for yourself and do not have the necessary commitment and the ability to train yourself or acquire a trainer then look nowhere else. Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock offers you best services for the realization of your dream of having a racehorse. Our services are not only designed for your convenience but they are very economical and do not act to be a burden on one’s pocket.

Offering Racehorse Shares

The company will offer a racehorse shares from 5% to 20% for all racehorses at a through away price. However, there are few policies guideline for buying the shares in horses. Also, they offer a maximum of four shares per racehorse for each season. Our customers have the privilege of a lot of benefits under our racehorse share program. These privileges come in the shape of guarantees and other associated benefits. In fact, the professional dealers also add the outright purchase of some horses to enhance the interest of our customers. Meanwhile, offering this service to enhance the personal interest and attachment of the buyer with his bought racehorse is important.Moreover, in this way, the buyer can meet the trainer and develop a personal rapport with him. Resultantly, the passion of horse racing becomes a great tool in developing the social bond between not only trainer and racehorse but it also proves to be a source of attachment with the owner and the horse he owns.

Hassle Free Payments

They offer multiple payment options to make your experience of using our services as more unique and convenient, which helps in harnessing a deeper involvement in this sport. In addition, they do not put customers in the hassle of paying multiple times in a season on the contrary we just request them to offer a very reasonable sum at the start of the seasons to pay and for the whole season they can avail out services without any hassle. The professional service does not make a burden intheir customers, like to pay extra in the season, also thereis hidden cost, to avoid any hassle in the season we take the whole cost upfront which covers all the facilities provided by us our valued customer all along the season.

Exemplary Customer Service

All of this, customer is treated with utmost respect diligence and integrity. The ATB do not just provide racehorse shares their aim is to provide a lifelong experience to our customer. We provide a special protocol to each customer. The team of professionals remain in close contact with the owners, through phone, email and text message to ensure that they stay connected to the thrilling experience of racehorse shares. To make the owners involved from the beginning to the end of the racing season is the most crucial part of the services we perform. Involvement of the customer ensures that for the whole experience of using our services remain satisfactory.